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Director/Producer: Carol Cooke

Film Length:          45 mins

Synopsis:               Barefoot in Business follows the fortunes of                                  business women from across Uganda as                                      they across Uganda as they compete for the                               prestigious Female Entrepreneur of the Year                               Awards. True to our mission of turning                                         movies into movements we're delighted to be                               launching the new Barefoot in Business                                       Marketplace next year which will provide                                       a unique one stop for female entrepreneurs                                 from across Uganda to share their stories,                                   sell their products and access the necessary                               expertise and  investment to bring their big                                   ambitions to life.  This is about trade not aid                                and #wemeanbusiness.  

Website:               www.barefootinbusiness.com


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Director:           Carol Cooke

Synopsis:         Launching in 2020, #MimiAndMeFor53 is a                                         groundbreaking  film and fitness campaign following                           the amazing Mimi Anderson as she attempts to set a                           new World Record for running coast to coast across                           America.  It's a distance of over 2800 miles and the 

                        current female record is 69 days.  Mimi plans to do it                           in just 53 however she doesn't want to do it alone.  

                        So we're inviting you to join her on this epic adventure                         across the US  with our global #MimiAndMeFor53                               virtual fitness challenge to follow in her footsteps                                 and discover how exercise can transform your body,                          mind and life just like it has for Mimi.  




Director:           Rosie Reed-Hillman

Producer:         Carol Cooke

Length:            14 mins

Synopsis:        Cailleach is a portrait of Morag (86) and her                               simple and peaceful life as she contemplates                             her next chapter, shares her unique sense of                             independence and the connection she has to                             her wild island home in Scotland's Outer                                   Hebrides.  


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