Film is one of the most powerful platforms for education, empowerment and self expression and here at Scrumptious we're dedicated to breaking down barriers, challenging preconceptions and enabling individuals of all ages and abilities to have their voices heard and reveal what the world looks like through an alternative set of eyes.


So whether it's a feature length documentary in Uganda for Creative Scotland or a UCAS accredited youth filmmaking masterclass for Glasgow City Council, education and empowerment is at the heart of everything we do here at Scrumptious - and as you may be able to tell we love every minute of it! We are those really annoying people you meet at parties who spend the whole night talking about their work (whilst simultaneously polishing off the buffet...)

As you will see from the following pages, we've got a variety of projects in development, in production and under our belts here at Scrumptious HQ so if you're a fellow film lover, filmmaker or wannabee 'Save the Worlder' like us then please do get in touch, sign up to our newsletter, follow us on Twitter, connect with us on Facebook and stay tuned for more details and overexciteable updates!



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Creative Director: Carol Cooke

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